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Welcome to the MUSC Coverage Tracking System!

MNA Login Required:


How Do I Get In To The Coverage Tracking System?

There are two steps to getting in.

(1) You will need an MUSC "MNA" (MUSC Network Account) userid and password. In addition to the Coverage Tracking System, many other computing resources at MUSC can be accessed using an MNA account. If you don't have your MNA userid and password, you can see the instructions for getting an MNA account, or you can call the MUSC CCIT (Center for Computing and Information Technology) Help Desk at 843-792-9700 for assistance; note the MNA application process currently requires paperwork to be filled out and the entire process may take a couple of business days.

(2) Once you have your MNA userid and password, a Coverage Tracking System administrator can authorize your MNA account for access to Coverage Tracking System. Note that CCIT is not involved in the management of the Coverage Tracking System, and thus neither the CCIT Help Desk nor anyone else at CCIT can authorize your MNA account for access to this system.

For your reference, here is a listing of all the current Coverage Tracking System administrators and their contact information.

Administrator NameAdministrator Phone Number
Lawrence Afrin 843-792-4271
Angela Frick 843-792-3484
Nicole Sronce 843-792-4271
Sheri Tutino 843-792-4271